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Bamboo Blinds in Qatar are the perfect choice as an alternative window dressing option. We offer a professional expert team with the highest quality product in the market, our wide range is designed to fit any window shape and size. We offer mostly roller bamboo blinds in a variety of designs and colors to enhance your home.
Bamboo window coverings are made from the natural fibers of the bamboo plant. These are made up of a combination of bamboo, rattan, grasses, and jute and it is used to create a lot of color options to choose from according to your requirements.
These bamboo blinds in Qatar are also waterproof, Bamboo thrives naturally in wet, hot environments so rain usually doesn’t hurt bamboo blinds at all.

Bamboo blinds in Qatar are a gorgeously warm neutral fabric with a lustrous shine. Its silk-like appearance brings smoothness to your windows, creating the perfect base for you to accessorize with any color of your choosing. This style will keep your home feeling extra cozy once the blinds are drawn each evening. All bamboo blinds can be made to measure with either a cleat control or a modern chain in a color of your choice.
These natural bamboo roller blinds in Qatar are designed to provide privacy, while also letting some light in, which makes them a perfect choice in window dressing.
The bamboo roller blinds’ fit well with a wide variety of interior styles. The bamboo slats are held together by woven cords and filter light in a very attractive way. Bamboo roller blinds allow you to control how much light enters a room. These blinds are made of high-quality bamboo and other eco-friendly materials.
Transport yourself to a new world with our beautiful home furnishings. You will find whatever you need to create the ultimate statement. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching blinds or curtains to uplift your interior, there is plenty to choose from.
Their popularity is easy to explain as there are many different benefits to a bamboo blind, particularly its versatility.

Bamboo blinds in Qatar featuring earth-friendly bamboo slats. Blinds come with color-coordinated steel headrail & bamboo color-coordinated bottom rail. T provides a privacy room darkening feature, there are no visible holes in the slats which allows for maximum privacy and light control. Slats can be removed for cleaning purposes and can be turned over for even wear against UV rays


  • Consist of Bamboo slats, steel headrail, and bamboo bottom rail
  • Cord tilting controls to operate the blinds open and closed at anytime
  • Decorative color coordinated valance
  • Bamboo Blinds come with color coordinated steel headrail brackets with hinged flaps
  • They can be installed inside the window, outside the window or also on the ceiling
  • Dust bamboo blind regularly, wipe slats with a damp cloth and mild soap
  • Ladder or cotton cloth tape covers route holes and effectively blocks light to maximize darkening effect into your room.
  • Instructions and child safety devices included for easy installation

How our service works

Browse our official website to explore all our products, fabrics and designs.
Request your free, no-obligation in-home appointment or consultation with your local advisor. It’s really very quick and easy to do.
At your free consultation, your advisor will accurately measure your window and give you a free quote.
When your product has been made and rigorously tested, your advisor will come back and fit it perfectly for you in your home for installation.

How to Clean Bamboo Blinds

People often wonder if they can wash their new bamboo blinds or not. Yes, of course! The material is not afraid of water and will not crack when exposed to it for long periods or unexpected changes in humidity that lead to too high levels. However, sudden changes in moisture lead to the cracking of bamboo sticks or slats, so you need to be very careful and follow the guide on how to clean your bamboo blinds properly.
In general, you may use a vacuum cleaner, a soft cotton cloth for dusting, or a special dust brush for cleaning your bamboo blinds in Qatar. Technically, you can also wipe the blinds with a damp cloth; however, you must do it quickly as it may damage your blinds.
The bamboo materials like lamellas and the threads to which they are attached must not be washed in water. And it would be very best if you forgot about cleaning your bamboo blinds with any type of chemicals as this will make the natural color go away and cause the bamboo sticks to crack and colorless.

  • Never put your bamboo blinds into warm or even cold water and
  • NEVER add detergent

It will quickly ruin your bamboo blinds. All types of wood are deformed under the influence of water or detergents. It is one thing when the bamboo blinds are just wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust, it is wonderful, but you must not soak your bamboo blinds in a foamy solution.

  • Use a dry or a bit damp sponge to clean bamboo blinds, removing dust from the surface of the lamellas of bamboo blinds. Wipe dirt off the bamboo blinds every 4-5 days.
  • When the dust coating is removed from blinds, you can use a polish with a fire-retardant agent in the spray. The antistatic or fire-retardant agent, which is part of the polish for furniture, protects the surface of bamboo wooden strips from dust settling.
  • If you want to clean each lamella, you can purchase a special brush to clean the bamboo blinds. It consists of several plastic elements. This brush consists of two soft sponges covered with a fleecy fabric. It is pretty convenient to brush window curtains or blinds, but you need to moisten the meeting to avoid stains on the lamellas.
  • When removing bamboo blinds in Qatar from your windows, you should be careful with the blinds mechanism and the bamboo.

    If you are a regular cleaner a feather duster is all you require to pull dirt and other debris off of each slat. If you do not clean regularly, or in the event that there are pets in your home, try using a vacuum cleaner instead. If you notice the accumulation of dirt on any area on the wooden surface, that’s a signal that you must cleanse your bamboo blinds more thoroughly. The bamboo blinds in Qatar are easy to clean with a feather duster, and they are very easy to place and operate.

    Why choose us?

    As one of the leading companies in the industry, Bamboo Blinds Qatar provides the best quality blinds in Qatar for both commercial and residential purposes. Due to our commitment and obsession with work, we have built a first-class reputation.
    Every client is treated with the same solemnity at Blinds Qatar. Regardless of your design tastes, demands, and budget, our knowledgeable crew can provide a wide range of elegant blinds in Qatar to meet your needs.
    Bamboo blinds Qatar offers clients a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. Our company can also manufacture blinds designed by you at a competitive price.
    Blinds and curtains Qatar uses fine quality fabrics in manufacturing. Our blinds in Qatar are always eco-friendly and protect you from unnecessary noises, dust, and bright sunlight. Bamboo blinds Qatar delivers the best and most free installation services at your doorstep.

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