Duplex Blinds

Our designer Duplex blind in Qatar gives you a roller blind system that controls light and privacy. Supplied in a cassette system, with ball-chain, sidewinder control. Important! Please note that the stripe of a blind cannot always be perfectly aligned due to weaving/steering tolerances.
Duplex blinds in Qatar are a fabulous new range of innovative double roller blinds, which allow for an open or closed position relating to the sheer weave of the fabric. The open and closed effect comes from the movement of the shade when up or down.
Our Duplex blinds are simply operated by a chain system. Alternate strips of dim-out and sheer fabrics are aligned to create a full type of sheer Curtains, a complete dim-out blind, or a combo of the two.
They are available in a huge range of colors and work well in just about any environment. Our Duplex blinds are available in either a chain control or a motorized option.

Duplex blinds in Qatar are one of our best sellers mainly because of their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Their translucent and non-translucent horizontal woven stripes give our clients so much control over how they really want to filter light into living space. This two-phase system allows the fabric to transmit light in a very stylish manner thereby softening the atmosphere of the area they are installed in.
This trendy take on window coverings is a blend of privacy and soft glow. So, if you’re looking to make a style statement with these Duplex Blinds in Qatar then book a Free appointment and let Curtains and Blinds do the rest.

Duplex blinds in Qatar are an advanced interpretation of window treatments. Our plan is to create them with textured stripes and methodical work, filling it like a stylish window daily that lets in the jazzy filter of light and provides incredible light control.
Curtains and blinds provide the blinds with protection and dedicated sparkle. Our double window blinds can give Qatar an unheard-of elegance and style.

Special features

  • Complete control over light
  • They are always elegant and help in adding beauty to a place
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain
  • Maintain the room temperature
  • Designed by experts and well-trained craftsmen
  • More efficient and effective
  • Reliable and durable
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Multifunctional blinds
  • Decent and simple to utilize
  • using the latest technology
  • Assure high-quality materials
  • Filtering the light with sheer and solid panels
  • Creating a modern feel in any room
  • Motorized options are also available

How are Duplex Blinds Unique From Other Blinds?

These blinds are thick enough to cover all light and are typically made from cloth or finely cut wood. All incoming light is effectively blocked out by duplex blinds that are made to measure, in order to transform the natural lightroom into a nighttime setting.
A home with blinds and curtains is much more private and secure than one without. Not only can you enjoy the view of your surroundings, but also no one will be able to see
what’s happening inside your home! The Duplex blinds in Qatar offer an attractive solution by allowing light through transparent panels on its windows while blocking out all other viewpoints, this way it looks elegant and stylish too!
Duplex blinds in Qatar are known for their style and texture. They look great with any elegant interior, and they come in a huge range of colors or patterns to choose from! These duplex versions won’t break your bank either-the cost is affordable, when compared to other types of window dressings.
Unlike some types of fabrics that require careful handling because they can be delicate,
These blinds have been designed so you don’t need much maintenance at all; just wipe off the dust or stains once a week.
Duplex blinds are a great option for those looking to insulate and protect their windows.
They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles that can provide
your home with security or create an elegant presentation at any event on the go.

How do Duplex blinds work?

In this category, roller blinds are the most common shutter products, which serve as both window coverings and insulation, depending on the time of day.
Duplex blinds in Qatar are much like roller blinds however they work in a two-phase system. The fabric has a solid and sheer panel allowing you to filter light to your requirements or needs.
These blinds can be operated with a chain or a motor also.

Duplex Blinds Are Easy To Use

Made to measure Duplex blinds in Qatar are very easy to use. They can drop down with full ease and don’t require any adjustments or fittings at all. With the just pull of a single chord, a room can completely change from day to night.

Why choose us?

You can choose us for the best quality, efficiency, and usefulness of our blinds. Our perfect affordable and reliable quality always attracts you. Our duplex blinds in Qatar always play an essential part in controlling light and air quantity as you need. You have to choose us because we are the only best, most efficient and most competent choice for you. Our Duplex blinds in Qatar give you comfort, privacy, and external light obstruction. So contact us now to choose your best duplex blinds in Qatar. For a free consultation at your home, contact our team today at +97455641740!

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