Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds in Qatar are the most stylish and come in many finishes, it’s a very famous choice due to the modern look and the ability for the blind to work with many colors and styles.

The feel and décor of any home can be greatly affected by the window coverings and window treatments like Blinds or curtains in Qatar that are used. One of the great ways to add some attraction to any room or place is with wooden blinds. This has become a very popular choice among people for a variety of reasons. Of course, it is very good to know that this is not something that is going to cost a lot of money instead it is something that everyone can easily afford and buy.
Best of all it is really something that can look perfect in any type of room or place featuring any type of style.
Today a lot of people are making Wooden Blinds in Qatar their top choice in the long run. There are some additional benefits to choosing wooden blinds like that they are easy to clean. These can come in a variety of colors and styles so that they will be available to contrast or match the different elements of any room. They are going to be durable and preferable and will last a long time too so they are of good value. Best of all there are no rooms or places in which these are not appropriate so no matter if it is used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, or bedroom they are sure to look great.
Nothing can compete with a made-to-measure wooden blind when it comes to its style, versatility, ease of use, and real wow factor. All of our different blinds guarantee smooth operation time and time again and we can also assure you to supply those beautiful finishing touches such as your choice of cords and controls. And if you have toddlers or small children we can fit your blinds with safety features that will surely give you total peace of mind.
Wooden Blinds in Qatar turn your plain window into a truly amazing window full of style and charm. When you are looking for stunning and versatile blinds in Qatar, we offer the wealth of choices you need. We would be very pleased to tell you more about our different types of blinds like roller blinds or vertical blinds in Qatar and to show you samples of our best fabrics.
Wooden Blinds in Qatar has become extremely popular over the last few years, moving from a timeless classic to a modern ‘must-have’ to complement today’s interior design trends and fashion.

Wooden Blinds in Qatar has a Technique of carefully selecting a range of natural wood shades; choose from dark wood to lighter stains and painted best colors. Depending on which style and color you choose, they are available in several of 4 slat widths, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm or 63mm. Bigger windows tend to favor a wider slat according to their size and vice versa, though the choice is largely personal.
The design and style of the Venetian blind enable you to easily filter or close out the light by tilting the horizontal slats, as well as opening it fully to receive maximum sunlight. This benefit makes it a versatile option suited equally for living rooms, bedrooms, a home office, or study. The renaissance of the best and most fashionable wooden Venetian blinds has made them a favorite and we have installed them in every possible room or place in your home.

Features of Wooden Blinds

  • Modern contemporary and fashionable
  • Light filtering to reduce glare and give privacy
  • Easy to use and install with a choice of control options
  • Very often used in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors
  • can be smooth or grainy finish
  • real and faux wood options
  • Available with either Tape or Cord
  • Options to fit either inside or outside recess
  • Our wooden blinds are made-to-measure in Qatar

Our standard range of Wooden Blinds

Our standard range of Venetian wooden blinds is manufactured from original wood in standard sizes and then cut down according to the exact size of your window. There are many different manufacturers of wooden Blinds and levels of quality on the market and our standard range of wooden Venetian blinds is at the top end of the range with a robust operating mechanism and high quality wood giving an elegant finished product to our clients. The options of slat sizes are available in a range of painted and stained colors of wood, you can usually choose the orientation of your control cords and you can add tapes in your own choice of colors to give the blind a more sophisticated look and style.

The latest and modern addition to our range is the newer composite wood effect blinds. Also available in a wide variety of colors and slat sizes, these imitation Venetian wooden blinds are high quality and impressive to see as a window covering. The benefit and indeed reason for these types of blinds is that wood, as a natural product, is not always suited to every environment. In wet or humid conditions such as your bathroom or in the kitchen it can warp and deteriorate, whereas these specially designed composite equivalents are easy to clean and maintain and also waterproof. At a slightly more affordable price point than the real wood equivalent, customers are usually choosing our Expressions imitation wooden blinds as an alternative for any room.

Wooden blinds in Qatar top of the range wooden Venetian blinds are truly made to measure. The latest designed control mechanism is top-notch and boasts full control with very high and best quality components. The wood is of a higher quality and these blinds are mainly hand-made to exacting standards. Unlike the cut-down standard range, the edges of wooden Blinds are always smooth and hand-finished, the controls are accurately set at equal distances from each side and you, therefore, achieve a top-class uniform and amazing look. However, at a price point that is a little bit higher than our standard and expressions ranges.

Why choose us?

Blinds in Qatar provides custom-made wooden Venetian blinds with the most comprehensive collection. . It is specially designed to offer a wide range of configuration options in terms of our customer’s choice, style, function, and privacy.

Unique-styled and pure wooden Venetian blinds are an enhanced slat system designed to ensure increased blackout and reduced light for increased privacy and security.

Wooden blinds in Qatar offer the best opportunity to fit outside into the room, and this natural material of wooden blinds brings instant warmth to any room or place. One of the main advantages of this product is that they allow you to choose the amount of light and privacy that they provide.

Blinds in Qatar offer many different colors of wooden blinds, and three slat sizes, and you can choose either matching or contrasting tape too according to your requirements. We can ensure longevity for your kitchens and bathrooms, Venetian blinds enable you to bring them into these rooms. If you think that wooden blinds are the right choice for your home, our expert team will be pleased to deliver the right measurement of wooden blinds for you. Aluminum Venetian blinds are another best option for giving with the same features.

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