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Outdoor blinds in Qatar offer high-performance blinds, mounted to the outside of the glass, light (glare), and UV (ultraviolet) to the glazed areas of homes and businesses, ensuring a cool environment, effectively regulated solar heat, and comfortable and enjoyable indoor space. Creating a safety barrier in front of the glazing, our external solar blinds or outdoor blinds block up to 97% of the sun’s solar heat energy, which in return can reduce inside room temperatures by more than 10 degrees centigrade on even the hottest summer days, keeping the internal space naturally cooled and mitigating the use of air conditioning (AC) or cooling devices. Better still, when our outdoor window blinds are fitted with our exclusive Twilight fabric the view from inside to outside is maintained.

Just like our curtains, our blinds are versatile. They are amazingly able to cover glazing of all sizes, shapes, and inclinations, from sliding and folding patio doors to skylights, conservatories, and roof lights, along with pergolas and verandas; our outdoor blinds, thanks to their high-grade and best-quality construction, are suitable for endless uses and applications.

If you’re looking for Blinds & curtains for sale online, blinds and curtains in Qatar have several options sure to satisfy the pickiest shopper. We have innumerable styles of Blinds and curtains, and if you want to narrow your choices to something more specific and clear than your current filter of “Outdoor”. Visit our website now for more details and get preferable results and guidelines. Our blinds in Qatar are the best place to shop if you’re looking for where to buy Blinds & curtains online. And remember, we offer free shipping and consultation on just about every order over undefined, so buy Blinds & curtains today and have them free at your doorsteps.
Get in touch with us to discuss your configuration and fabric options for our outdoor blinds models. Check our portfolio for more styles and designs.

Benefits of outdoor blinds

Natural cooling

An optimum heat block is provided by our outdoor blinds in Qatar and naturally cools the indoor space.

Sun safe

Our blinds have a minimum of 95% UV block protecting fixtures and furnishings from fading.


Bright light can be diffused and eliminate glare in the indoor space.


Privacy is provided by our blinds and protection is also offered from driving wind and rain.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Seating Area with the Protection of Lead-Free Outdoor blinds

Entertain your friends and family in the natural climate of your outdoor seating area while protecting your loved ones from very harmful UV rays. Feel relaxed in the warm weather or enjoy some cool breeze with ‘outdoor blinds in Qatar’ made with lead-free material. Our blinds will elevate your outdoor experience by keeping your external seating area warm during the winters and cool during the hot summers while you have a patio party with your friends.
Our outdoor blind fabrics undergo anti-bacterial treatment which means it destroys up to 99% of bacteria, keeping your outdoor space or area safe & healthy. These outdoor blinds are dedicated to elevating your outdoor experience.
The fabric of the blinds is made in Qatar and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is extremely durable, affordable, and has high resistance to temperature variations. The premium and best-quality material is rot-resistant and is made to withstand all types of weather conditions.
Our outdoor blinds fabrics contain 33% Fiberglass which provides increased strength to the fabrics making them less prone to deformation. The fiberglass technology promotes longevity to provide a long-lasting outdoor experience.
If you want protection from the very harmful UV rays coming from the sun and save your furniture too, then choose something like which is not just good in looks but also offers you absolute protection functionality. While we all like good sunlight, we also know how damaging it can be for our sensitive skin or leather sofas; But expensive patios are another story altogether! Outdoor blinds in Qatar will help keep out any glopping sunscreen while giving protection to precious belongings in these outdoor spaces – including ourselves whenever sitting near unprotected surfaces often enough without proper blinds.
Outdoor Blinds in Qatar have a weatherproof material and have the ability to choose the exact openness level you desire because it is very versatile and customizable. Whether it’s wind, sun, or rain, blinds can cure your varying needs.

Key Attributes of Our Customizable Outdoor Blinds

You can customize the size of your blinds to fit your exact requirements. Its key features are as follows:

  • Fabric made in Qatar.
  • Comes with a 5-year fabric warranty.
  • Fabric contains at least 33% Fiberglass and is lead-free.
  • Prevent material deformation.
  • Provide Fire retardant fabric with high resistance to temperature variations.
  • Guarantees enhanced air quality.
  • Especially Made with chemically inert & non-rotting material.
  • Also Comes with an anti-bacterial treatment which destroys more than 95% of bacteria.
  • Ideal for all weather conditions.

Outdoor roller blinds are considered the best external window covering

High-performance outdoor roller blinds installed on the building’s façade (in front of the glass on the outside area) efficiently control solar light, solar gain (heat), and ultraviolet (UV) to the building’s glazed areas, guaranteeing a very cool, relaxed and pleasant indoor space for clients.
Forming a screen either in front of a building’s glazing or an open space or area, outdoor roller blinds in Qatar block and control a significant amount of the sunlight and solar gain energy or heat, resulting in the reduction of heat temperature within the inside of the office building. This keeps the internal space naturally cool and in return reduces the carbon footprint requirement of air conditioning (AC) units and other cooling devices. In additionally, to the thermal benefits, outdoor roller blinds also act as a wind and rain barrier.
In addition to bi-folding and sliding doors, outdoor roller blinds can be used on open aperture spaces, such as verandas, pergolas, and even as standalone blinds.

Why choose us?

Outdoor blinds in Qatar perfectly maintain the overall decor of your premise by giving protection to your window glass. Qataris prefer blinds to secure their amenities. Outdoor blinds in Qatar are the most incredible place to buy functional and preferable blinds.
Our blinds in Qatar are reputed as they provide enough functional and practical benefits. Our blinds are manufactured in Qatar using arbitrary materials, effectively controlling the amount of sunlight, and air, and also protecting your premises from outdoor elements.
Our Outdoor blinds in Qatar are becoming highly demanded because of their dramatic prominent features. Our blinds Qatar uses high-quality fabrics and arbitrary materials in making such effective blinds in Qatar that efficiently cover heat on summer days and cold on winter days.
Outdoor Blinds Qatar offers our clients innovative, eye-popping, and attractive blinds in Qatar that surely regulate the temperature at a very comfortable level without any air-conditioner (AC) or heater. Our dedicated expert team meticulously designed such qualified blinds that keep the room comfortable by blocking the interference of unwanted insects.
Our blinds in Qatar have a team of professional and expert members that are capable to figure out your requirements and install the best suitable customized blinds in your place or area.
Outdoor Blinds in Qatar delivers a diverse range of blinds in a very cost-effective manner. Contact us soon for more details.



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